February 28, 2012

Dropping Vindictus

More menites painted and this time another 'Caster. Vindictus appeals to me but I just don't see how I can get him to work. I have two units of Zealots and realistically I think I would need another full one to do his list justice. I like the Zealots but I don't really want the hassle of a third full unit. Its not like they are that hard to paint or assemble but I would only ever use them in his lists and nowhere else. If I was going really hardcore playing him maybe it would be worth it. However I tend to change 'casters with slightly less regularity than my socks so I don't see myself sticking with him for long.

At least now he is painted and so he is an option to play with. I think I will have to redo the red though as it sucks. I have been practising blending reds recently and I wasn't putting in much effort when I painted Vindictus. I think it was due to the fact I broke him six times while painting him. I just kept dropping him which is uncharacteristic for me. Every time he fell something else broke so I got sick of him. Maybe I will wait a while before I go back. Knowing my luck the second I take him from my cabinet to redo the red he is going to hit the floor!


  1. Proxy with some other figures that would be a change to have and paint?

  2. Why you would need three units of Zealots? Sometimes I only run him with one min unit. That gives you 6 zealots to sac to pawn or lamb, and you can always make more by getting him into combat.

    That being said, I am not his fan.

  3. Well he always seems much more effective on paper at least when surrounded by zealots. I can see him working well that way. It is just too easy to take out a small accompanying unit.


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