February 8, 2012

Tharn Reinforcements

I am concentrating on getting my Tharn done at the moment. First up is the two extra models I need to max out my unit. As I have mentioned before I needed to match the new skin versus what I did with the old stuff. I eventually figured out that Scorched Brown (GW) was the secret. That plus some elf flesh and I had it. I was using Charred Flesh (VJ) but it doesn't work at all. It doesn't have the same red content and makes what would be a really odd skin tone. At the moment I am working on the Shaman. Yyou can see my progress here. Hopefully my White Mane and Chieftan arrive soon. They seem to be out of stock almost everywhere. I am also tempted to get a second unit just so I can do Kromac's theme list. I have Kromac but I haven't as yet painted him. I might get to him next week, depending on Beastmen progress. His theme list seems great and so I might start playing it a little. AT least I can test it on VASSAL first before investing.


  1. Those are cool models, great paint work.

    How do they look alongside beastmen gors and chaos warriors?

  2. Thanks! They are on 40mm bases I think. They are much larger than a Beastman. Maybe about the same size as one of the old metal Minotaurs from GW.


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