February 29, 2012

Obstacles rather than a Canal

So I failed with getting my canal done. I actually couldn't find any material that suited my purpose to make the tow paths. I had seen a nice set of bricks by PK Pro but they are far too thin for what I want. They seem to be for adding onto a backing piece to simulate a wall rather than being scale bricks in and of themselves. So rather than fail the promise\challenge of doing a terrain piece each month I decided to do some obstructions.

They are simply enough made with some balsa wood and bits and pieces from my spare box. I was attempting to make my own objectives but the first few boxes I made didn't fit on a large base so I decided to use them instead on this piece. I also wanted to try out some camo netting using medical gauze. Its not that easy and I am going to need more practise to get it right. It came out fine enough here but far from perfect. I want to do some trenches in the future and I think adding this type of netting would be nice.


  1. Great! I like your painting style. Could I ask you how do you paint the wood surfaces?


  2. Its a basecoat of Khemri Brown (GW) followed by a wash of Devlan Mud (GW). Finally I drybrush lightly with Denehb Stone (GW). Its rather simple but gives the wood a nice weathered look.

  3. A pity about the canal, but these are more than consolation for the eye. They look brilliant in terms of the build and the painting. Would the wood texture show up on a mould? I'd bet you could find willing buyers for them as individual resin elements.

    Re the canal, you might get a good brick effect by rolling out a sheet of greenstuff, letting it all but dry and then pressing in the cracks between the bricks.


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