February 9, 2012

Operation Varnish

I bit the bullet. I am rally lazy when it comes to varnishing my miniatures. I rarely do it and only if it is a metal model. Today I pulled out all of my menites and got to work. I managed to get them all varnished when I realised that I hadn't been using varnish. Nicely Vajello have black lids on all the pots of things that aren't paint. Well I just grabbed the first black lidded pot and poured it into the airbrush. I do remember thinking that it was a bit thick. Now all my menites have been nicely coated in matte medium. I don't know if this will protect them at all but at least it isn't shiny. After my small loss of temper when realising this I got down to basing the models. I have been doing swamp bases for this army but I haven't really done the water part. I double checked what I was using this time and thankfully got the gloss varnish correct. This shot shows a decent proportion of what I have in my entire collection. Anything that's not shown doesn't have a little pool on its base. I have done about three thick enough coats now and I am annoyed. Its wrking fine but takes a long while to dry... At least by tomorrow all should be ready as I am playing my forst game in the War-Torn Alliances league. Legion is my first opponent, never an easy match up for me. Fingers crossed all goes well.


  1. I always use a matte varnish on all of my gaming miniature for protection. Typically Testors Dullcote or Krylon, so rattlecan spray-on.

  2. I can't get the Testors Dullcote here sadly. It was banned for a long while due to containting some toxic substance and when it came back on the market it was a different and less effective formula. I haven't heard of Krylon, might have a look for that later.

  3. Well if they banned Testors then Krylon is probably banned also. Alot of these countries are pretty senseless in their bans imo. Regulating straight to hell.

    Krylon does make a waterbased acrylic in a spray can, that is fairly decent. Airbrushing clear may be a better solution, certainly quicker than a brush. Alot of the high performance paints here in the U.S. are going waterbased, some are good, some suck. Even the automotive paints I'm spraying are going waterbased and many are quite good. So hopefully the cheaper stuff will eventually get better.


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