February 7, 2012

A Tale of Three Gamers - Month Three

I am not the only one to have made progress this month in the Tale of Three Gamers. Al managed to finish off a chariot and a BSB. It seems to have been a good month for BSb's. All are themed in a Hoplite style. You can check out his other stuff here. The more I see the army the more I worry that my Gors won't be able to stand up to the sheer quality of the Chaos Troops, especially as I am plaanning on taking two giants. I might need to upgrade them to something that hits a little harder/better.

This month Al is aiming to get some of his core requirements done, 12 Khornate Warriors with two hand weapons. I am jealous. I have to do a minimum of twenty Gors. I started gluing them together yesterday and it is annoying me already! If ever I do another Warhammer army it is going to be with expensive troop types.

Still waiting on Gars entry for the month.

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