February 27, 2012

Silent and Stern

I want to get as many options viable for my menites as possible and as such painting up more Warcasters is the best way to do this. I really like how in Warmachine and Hordes your force is completely changed by swapping a single model. This of course can lead to problems with some 'casters having very bad match ups but it is nice. I am in the middle ground in the local Wartorn-Alliances league and I am using it as a excuse to get more menites done. The Testament is a great model. I really like the image they have managed to capture with him. He looks tough. My wonderful trusty ten year old digital camera has once again washed the white out so you can't see that it is decently shaded. I shouldn't blame the camera really as I should put together a light box. I didn#t put any special effort in here. It is a quick job just so I can get him onto the board as soon as possible. Not many people have faced him before and maybe I can suprise a few players and climb into the higher ranks of the league. I haven't used him either but he can't be that hard to learn right?

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