February 21, 2012

Kromac is hungry

With the Tharn Ravagers finally reaching max unit size I thought I should paint the big daddy Tharn. I bought him when he came out first and well left him there unpainted and unassembled. I actually think he was a Christmas gift from Al so its nice to see Kromac getting some attention finally. Kromac is actually two models. The one you see here and an untransformed human like version. I haven't yet managed to paint the normal version and maybe I will manage it this week. With the Wartorn-Alliances league running I have been catching up a little on my menites so I can bring some extra punch to the table with them. The large version took me ages to paint and Ialso want a bit of a break before having to sit and commit to the same effort on another model. Sometimes it is nice to relax with my menites as they are not at all as demanding to paint.

I was trying to do better metallics on the axes shown here. While they are better I don't think it is a real technical improvement. I just highlighted them as I would any surface. There has to be some knack to metallics that I am missing. I don't want to do non-metallic metals as I don't find it to be that interesting a technique. In general the models I have seen done using it don't look that good. I want to get proper metals using metallic paint. Maybe Circle aren't the best force to be doing that with. They are mainly fur and cloth. Still I have to start somewhere.

The bonework on Kromac was interesting. I usually go for a much more white tone in the bones. I used to paint them from a Snakebite Leather (GW) base and highlight with Bleached Bone (GW). It gives a much more brown tone. Having seen a lot of bones professionally both approaches seem correct. However I have never seen bones that have been carried to war on a belt or head-dress so I wonder how they would actually appear?

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