February 2, 2012

Gors finished - Tale of Three Gamers

Another month over and here I am showing that for once I hit all my targets. I have completed these Gors as part of the tale of Three Gamers I am participating with my two buddies from home. I managed to get the BSB done much earlier in the month. All in all it was good progress and while I do have to admit painting this many guys is beginning to drag getting the first twenty Gors complete is providing some sense of achievement. Now to get them to forty.

This month I am still sticking with core. I will be annoyingly bulking out my Gor regiment to forty models and I will do another chariot. I have some Circle models to finish first but fingers crossed they won't take me too long. After three months I have the following completed: 20 Gors, 25 Ungors, a Chariot, a Giant and the BSB. That is for me really good progress. After this month the army will be at the halfway mark which is suprising. I didn't realise how quickly the points all started coming together. I guess once the Gors are done I can get started with some of the more interesting stuff!

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  1. Great progress, glad to see you're able to stick to your goals - quite inspiring!

    I think the colour scheme is working very well with these slightly more armoured miniatures: I love the tone of red you're using in combination with the earthly fleshtones, cloth and bases - and the higher prevalence of red marks these tougher guys off nicely, compared to the Ungors.

    Loved your Battle Standard Bearer, by the way, although I didn't comment on the original post.

    Looking forward to the next installment in this Tale, hope your two fellow painters are on track as well!


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