May 29, 2012

Blindwater Congregation

I recently picked up some Warbeasts for a Blindwater Congregation army. I picked up the Gatorman Posse and Bog Trogs when they came out first and it isn't much of a step to now build a full thirty five point list. The first up is a Blackhide Wrastler. I really hated this beast when I saw it first but it really has grown on me. Its defintely no Snapjaw but it is nice. Snapjaw is a wonderful Alligator model, filled with menace and character. The Wrastler is more generic and lacks the attitude. It is fine for a standard beast.

I painted him up to match the Gatorman Posse I have previously painted. I avoided green as it isn't a colour that works well for them I think. In my opinion it is really vibrant and makes them have an unnatural look. I think a warm brown works nice on the models and maintains some realism. I used the brown red on the hood to add a visual strong point to the model. The light here washes the depth out a little.

I have always wondered why a Blackhide Wrastler doesn't have a black hide, so I decided mine must have one. I painted the back very dark but not quite black. Scorched Brown mixed with a little Chaos Black, both GW paints, gave me a great base and I worked them up a little with Bone White (Vajello). I kept the highlights to a minimum so that the colour remained dark. I should maybe have done some extreme highlights but that is a technique that just doesn't look right to me and I am not very good at it.

I have noticed some really awesome Gatormen on the Hand Cannon Online blog, here, and I will be taking some inspiration from the wonderfully painted models there. I still have a few models such as the Ironback Spitter and a Bull Snapper to paint. I might go for some green with those models and see how it works. It will at least be some good practise for me.


  1. Gators are great fun, I really should organise a few more games with mine. What warlock did you get?

  2. I haven't bought one yet. I guess Barnabus will be the first.

  3. He has a couple of good spells and his feat is very strong. I've played him 3 times and Maelok once, haven't got Calaban painted yet.


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