May 18, 2012

A Stalker in the Bushes

I got him finished! Sometimes models are easy to paint and sometimes they can be really tough. I find that this often doesn't depend on the model itself rather ones mood while painting. This week I have had a lot on my plate and hobby time therefore suffers. Even when I managed to sit and paint I couldn't lose myself in the moment. To really enjoy painting I have to concentrate a lot. No distractions are allowed, except an audiobook or certain podcasts. If I don't get to sit for a few hours I get nothing at all done. Sitting for half an hour and completing something small just isn't relaxing. I struggled through the Warpwolf and thankfully he is done. I don't think I will be doing a second one for a long long time... well until Ghetorix crosses my desk at least!

I have noticed that the Vajello Matt Varnish has left the model a little shiny. Hopefully this goes away after a while. I would be annoyed if he stays like this. It could also be the strong lights I was using. I spent a long while doing the metallics on the sword but the lights killed the effect. I watched Ghool's tutorial from Handcannononline about metallics and took that onboard. There are somre really great tutorials there so I advise checking them out. I know that they help me a lot.


  1. Sometimes the varnish gets shiny if there's too much applied or if the humidity is too high. I've had the same problem with pretty much every matte varnish except for Dullcote. It's just too bad that Dullcote doesn't protect as well as it used to.

  2. Yep and I can't get it in Germany at all! I would love to have some Dullcoate.


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