May 14, 2012

Gnarlhorn Satyr

After the horn debacle of last week I repainted them. I really couldn't get the tone I wanted on the horns and so I took out my Bleached Bone and covered the horror up! Try as I might there was just no way I could rescue the horns as they stood. I washed the Bleached Bone with Graveyard Earth. This gave me a nice light colour to work from. I then highlighted with white to keep the colour cold. To be honest it still isn't perfect. I think it blends a little with the tone of the skin. I would have liked some more contrast between the two. The red on the model looks a little flat on the photo. It is highlighted to an almost pink colour, I find that this offers a really rich contrast to my Circle models and reinforces the autumnal theme a little, something I have been told isn't that strong on the force. That comes from the use of green on the armour.

Of course I used the Gnarlhorn in a game last week and he was killed before he could do anything. That seems to always be the way with new models. I still don't have a clear idea what he can do on the table but hopefully I can get some experience in soon. I did notice that the Def 12 and Arm 18 makes for a very different beast in comparison to the Warpwolves. I still think that the counter slam ability is something that won't come up that often, at least usefully. Slamming with a heavy is just too difficult because of the stipulation that the model must slam directly towards the target. It is really simle to ge a model in the way and block the slam. I guess some practice will help me use this 'Beast properly.

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