May 16, 2012

WIP Warpwolf Stalker

Just as the local league finishes I manage to get around to painting my heavy Warbeasts! I would have loved to be able to use this guy in the league but I only play with painted miniatures. I have a massive collection of unpainted stuff but sticking to the rule of only playing what I have painted keeps me somewhat motivated. I won't lie, painting can be rally tedious but if I played with everthing I have, painted or not, I would never see the need to paint. Aat least soon I will have a Warpwolf Stalker ready to hit the table. I painted the skin here with one of the new GW paints, Baneblade Brown. It is similar enough to Graveyard Earth in my opinion. I have noticed any great benefit to this improved layer paint. It is most defintely not thinnner than a standard old GW paint. At least not appreciably so, I still have to water it down if I want to use it. I don't think I will really be getting into the new GW range. I have tried two other paints, one a wash and the other a base. They are fine and do the job but no better than before. I think I will switch over fully to Vajello and I have to start experimenting with P3 too.

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