May 15, 2012


I have been experimenting with some different ways to make terrain for the Iron Kingdoms and I naturally came to bricks. A lot of the photographs in the rulebook for Warmachine show brick buildings as do the illustrations. I found a load of articles on how to make bricks but the best I have found is this one. This guy makes amazing stuff. You just need to scroll down a lot to get to the slightly confusing tutorial. I am working on a tower at the moment but once I get that finished I am moving on to something with bricks. A friend of mine did a nice jail and I might do something similar.

The bricks you see above are what I managed without trying too hard. I want to emulate the bricks in the picture here. They have a nice texture that would be pretty effective on a small terrain piece. Of course I would like to weather them a bit more but that might be stretching too far. I used some 5mm thick foam card and a 'stamp' to imprint the brick texture. I noticed that if I press too hard I seem to be ripping the foam. However if I don't press hard enough to get the brick imprint in deep it just doesn't get the 3d effect I want. Maybe the stamp edges are too dull? I used an old cheap paint brush as was suggested in the guide above. More experimentation is needed I think!


  1. Looks good for an initial attempt.. and the coloring of them both on the bricks and the mortar is looking good! Keep it up, and cant wait to see the projects get finished.

  2. Hmmm I have distracted myself this week with these bricks and maybe next week I will have something decent to show... stay on target...


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