May 25, 2012

Cassius the Oathkeeper

This has been a bad week for painting. I am finding it hard to keep up my motivation at the moment. I don't have much left to do with my Circle Orboros and I would really like to get the last few models done. I was the same when it came to the last few menites. Maybe it the fact that the lead pile is geting smaller and I don't have the pressure to keep me going? I did manage to get through Cassius and so I have nearly all of the Circle Oboros' Warlocks done. I just have Grayle and the epics left. If Gargantuans doesn't come out too soon I might be able to get them all done. I would like to have the entire faction collected and painted. I think I have three heavies, two lights and two units to do... The units are discouraging especially the Reeves. Twelve models would take me a long time.

Cassius was easy enough to paint and I didn't do anything special with him. I maintained the standard brown colour for the robes. I should probably have changed it around as the colour is really coming to dominate my army and it is a little boring. A good autumnal red will have to be the used on a 'lock in the future. This would have made some nice contrast for Cassius and the tree branch around his body. Next up for me is finishing the Tharn Bloodtrackers. I finally sourced the last two miniatures I needed to finish the maximum unit and so I can get them done next week hopefully. I haven#t used them much as the short 7" range means I get a semi decent attack against an opponent and in return they get wiped out!

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