May 21, 2012


I recently picked up Cassius and Wurmwood on a whim. I have played him once before on VASSAL and I wasn't impressed. It might not be the 'locks fault, instead the fault probably lies with me. I can't get him to work. I just don't see the effectiveness anywhere. The tree gets easily shot and yet needs to be far the field up to be effective. Now that I own the model and have half of the pair painted I can try him out a little more. I went for an old decayed wood look. I didn't want a warm vibrant brown. I think I got the colours right. The problem is the green. The lighter inner wood seems to blend in a little which is disappointing. A darker green might contrast better but wouldn't evoke the glowing effect! I will have to remember this when it comes to painting the Gallows Grove.

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