May 9, 2012

Great Goats

I don't have many living Warbeasts for my Circle force so I picked up two new ones recently. Here is the current progress on my Gnarlhorn Satyr. I think the model is really awesome. I am hoping it is just as good in the game. I am going to paint him in similar colours to my Beastmen I was doing before Christmas. The skin will be a khaki tone which will contrast nicely with a red cloth and the standard circle armour. I have been checking through some of my old posts on various fora to see how I did the armour. It would seem that the green in the recesses is a two stage process according to what I was saying back in 2006. I tried that here and it gave me a better colour I think. I have some more stuff to do on it to see how I can improve the armour overall. The neck of the model is actually a separate piece that attaches poorly to the body and head. I pinned it in place and have my fingers crossed that it will remain there. I just couldn't find a way to maximise the all to tenuous connection points. I can tell you that pouring on the superglue is generally a poor method to use on such a problem!


  1. The Gnarlhorn is my favorite Circle heavy warbeast. He's an absolute steal for 8 points. He acts as a serious deterrent for your opponent trying to engage your lines (thanks to counter-slam), he has an awesome animus, and has 3 initial attacks (even if the pow is uninspiring, that's what a Gorax is for!). Add into all of that his slamming distance and follow-up and he's a solid heavy warbeast for his cost.

  2. I am looking forward to fielding him. I do think that the counter slam is much easier to counter in comparison to counter charge. I see the 'beast being fielded either direct in the centre or far out on a flank. He would have to be fairly far forward to so that he can get the angle needed.


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