April 30, 2011

Dreadstone Blight - fail

I don't know what the problem is these last few weeks. My many years of modelling have failed me a second time. I don't know what the deal is with Dreadstone Blight. Try as I might I can't get it to go together. I shaved the pieces back so far that there are gaps visible between them. Glueing them to the base piece just doesn't work. The pieces seem warped somewhat. This causes the curve to be off a little and due to this the walls are not perfectly circular. Well at least circular enough for the floor pieces to fit in. I actually got so annoyed I through everything back in the box for another day. Maybe I will try this out again over the weekend.... though it has been so frustrating I really am struggling to find motivation for this. It should be simple... It looks simple.

Has anyone else had the same problems? I am scouring the net at the moment for a guide on assembling the piece but there doesn't seem to be one. Maybe I should do one if I can get the damned thing together at all. I really am dreading when I have to deal with the Witchfate Tor... thats going to be hell.


  1. If it is of any comfort I had two boxes of the Ruins of Osgiliath that had the same issue... Lots of swearing was involved I can tell you. In the end I bodged them, but I was pissed off that it had cost a lot for the kits in the first place for them to then be so crappy to work with.

    For Dreadstone Blight I ended up making my own version of the tower with putty and foamcard instead - similar cost, I can get it the way I want and with none of the hassle I had with the plastics.

  2. I thought it was one of the easiest models I've ever assembled. However, I suggest not gluing the walls to the base piece. Keeping them separate makes the model easier for for painting and transport.

  3. I had the exact same problems. It should have been super easy, like you said 12 large easy pieces. Mine didn't fit together right and there are no support nubs or notches to keep the upper floors in place. Very frustrating.


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