April 5, 2011

Tomb Kings have arrived

I just got a hold of these nice photos. The Sphinx, Necrosphinx(?) looks interesting. The sheer bulk of the model is lovely and the details are nice too. There are two versions. The picture below shows them. As to exactly what this beast is an does I have no idea. It does show that GW are really going a route of having some massive beasts in each of the armies. I wonder what they will do for the less fantastical armies of Empire, Dwarves and Bretonnians? A dwarven zepplin I could imagine but a giant iron golem wouldn't be my cup of tea!

It seems like the old plastic Tomb King Skeletons won't be changing. This is really annoying. They are completely out of scale in general and when compared to the wonderful Vampire Counts skeletons they look terrible. I really wished they had updated these. The horses that the Tomb Kings use I would guess are the oldest plastic models still in production. I remember the exact same horses from my Skeletal Horde back in the eighties!

PhotobucketI really dont know what to think of these guys. The Tomb Knights are just plain stupid! The Skeletons must be glued into place otherwise there is not a chance they can stay on. The concept for the model is cool, a skeleton riding an undead snake but the execution is horrible. It really reminds me of the Warhawk riders that went from decent if boring models to crazy sky surfers. There is someone in the GW staff thats got crazy ideas about how to stay on the back of a beast. Slow unreactive skeletons won't be on the back of giant snakes for long.PhotobucketWithout the riders the snakemen are fine and I would be tempted to get them for a number of projects. If the bases are as big as they look then these guys are large. They could easily be converted to Dragon Ogres in a Tzeentch theme for instance. Anyway I will reserve judgement until I see this new stuff in the flesh. There are at least new Tomb Guard though knowing GW's wisdom they will not be in scale wit the rest of the army but modelled on the Vampire Counts stuff!


  1. I have heard rumblings about basic skeletons being redone whenever TKs get their wave 2. Who knows, though.

    The Sphynx looks really awesome. Shaggoth for Chaos? Or should I just accept that i'm getting a TK army? :P

  2. Well it mentions that the Snake Riders are interchangable with all other skeleton kits so I would assume no major changes then.

    Yep it could be the base for an awesome Shaggoth.


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