April 18, 2011

Getting there with Prime

So finally I am not sick. The last two weeks have seen me stuck in bed or lying on my couch feeling bad! This weekend I was fine again and able to get back on with my plans to complete everything from Prime. I managed to make great progress by finishing these Templeguard. As everything it seems I have had these for a while. Six of them were painted long ago but I had no impetus to get the rest of them done. Even the shields hadn't been painted or glued on. I did have one annoying task... I had to strip the shields. The first time I painted them I went for a full red colour scheme. I glazed these with a red ink. When I finally decided that these then looked like crap I tried to paint over them in white. I had forgotten that red ink will bleed through pretty much any colour painted over it. Despite numerous coats of various colours in an attempt to cover the red/pink bleed I ended up just having to strip the paint. At least I found that nail varnish remover it an excellent paint stripper!

Now that I am getting some regular games in again I really wanted to get these guys done. They are some of my favourite models in the menite range. They remind me a lot of the Imperial Guard Stormtroopers. They also ground the game in a more fantasy setting for me, something at least when I got into the game first that was important. They really are the epitome of menite grunts. In most games they tend to get shot, trampled or generally destroyed! The are a unit I would definitely be interested in having a duplicate of, though that fact that you can only have one attached Officer and Standard per Warcaster means the second unit doesn't have the same visual feel.

So with these done it leaves me with not too many Prime models to finish before the end of the month. Basically I would need to get a Paladin of the Wall done and a unit of Deliverers. I would like to get a Revenger done and the alternative Paladin of the Wall also done. We shall see how much hobby time I can manage. One of the annoying things in the way is the fact that I can't order blisters of Deliverers here. Germany seem to be suffering a little from a shortage of supply on behalf of Privateer Press. Most of the shops can't get in units anymore and I managed to pick up the last box of Deliverers in the local area.

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