September 3, 2012

Circle Flags

I have been wanting to make some 'flags' for my Circle army for a while. I wasn't sure what to do as flags aren't really defined except for their rules. In Steamroller they are pieces that need to be captured generally to win the game. The Circle isn't really an organised military force and has really low technology. I wasn't sure what I could make to represent an objective/flag. I have been playing a lot recently with Gallows Groves and they get killed in every game. The thought came to me that the stumps would make cool flag markers. I had been thinking of using some corpses on bases but I wasn't too inspired by this. It could really represent any army. Using some form of flag or standard isn't really that interesting either.

The stumps were easy enough to sculpt. I built the body out of normal modelling clay and then I made the top. It was just a small lump of greenstuff smoothed out and then I carved small rings into it. A few cracks were added to make it look a little decayed. Once all this was dry I added the sides. The sides were quite uneven as I wasn't too careful about shaping the base lump of clay. This is good as it stops the stump from being too regular. I still want to add a few small details like fungi. I have already added a few skulls to tie the stumps in with the Gallows Grove.

I think these came out fairly well and I am actually considering making some more to use as terrrain. I think they could easily be used to represent a harvested forest. Basically it would just be an interesting piece visually on the board but would otherwise count as a forest. I still have quite a few terrain projects to finish first though...


  1. Nice work. Are they meant to look like they were sawed down? If so that is perfect.

    If they are meant to look broken then I would add something that looks like broken wood to the top of the stumps. Tornado damaged trees here in the U.S. are definitely something that could be found on the web.

    1. Well I didn't plan them too much I just imagined a picture of an ideal stump and started from there. I guess these have been cut down it the not too recent past... There must be chainsaws in the Iron Kingdoms right?

    2. Steampunk chainsaws. I can dig that. ;)

  2. These look great, make sure to post some painted pictures.


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