August 29, 2012

How do they steer this?

I got the Gun Carriage finished finally. I have been working slowly on it over the last week and it was becoming a little bit of a chore. I painted it in two stages. The horses and undercarriage were the first to get done. I glued these into place without pinning them and now I am thinking I should have pinned them. I guess they will stay attached to the base. I was suprised by how much metal is in this kit. I would have thought the horses were resin too. At least assembly was simple, there aren't that many parts to work with and I only had to fill a few gaps on the horses.

I think the blending worked out for the most part especially with the large flat sides of the carriage. The weathering from the top and the wheels doesn't match 100% as they were painted separetely and I decided to experiment a little. I had wanted to put some dried mud on the wheels which would have covered a lot of the weathering but instead I wasn't brave enough and left them as is. The best mix for the mud I have found involves using plaster (spackle) and if I screwed it up it would be really difficult to remove. So rather than do this with an expensive model I think I will experiment a little more with some other cheaper model. The weathering on top is similar to that which I did on my watchtower. It isn't as textured as the wheels. I still think it looks fine.

So does anyone know how the crew manage to steer this thing?


  1. Great work, I really like the green Khador scheme. Weathering looks just fine btw, as does the blending. Quick Q, aren't the horses supposed to come in two different poses?

  2. You're assuming the crew are meant to steer. The Khadorans have taken the military philosophy of the relentless forward advance to its logical conclusion - not only is there no retreat, there is no left or right either.

    Lovely work - would it be worth a little weathering/dirt around the horses' feet?

    1. I like the idea of the relentless forward advance!

      I have considered it a bit. I want to experiment with mud textures a little more first.

  3. They use recoil to steer.


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