September 28, 2012

Friday Showcase - Grotz

I love Grotz. I guess all Ork players do. Maybe I should say collectors do as I have never seen Grotz played. I was suprised by how cheap they were, I think €10 for ten. I picked up three boxes a long time ago and painted them really quickly. I imagine they might become more popular especially if mysterious objectives are used. They are the perfect troop choice to send up to find out what a particular objective does. Who cares if the Grotz get killed, that is what they are there for! I have always been tempted to pick up some Grot artillery as they look great, I think produces the best I have seen.

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  1. Love grots! I don't think an Ork General should leave home without them! And indeed with 6th, I think they have now become a cornerstone to an Ork Warband!

    Great work on this batch. Nice work on the basing in particular.


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