October 1, 2012

Goff 'Ard Boyz

I gave in. After discussing Orks for the last few months and going through my collection I couldn't resist any longer. I had saved almost all the chainsword wielding Orks from three sets of Battle for Black Reach. I was considering using them, with some conversions, as Stormboyz. I never did anything with them and they just gathered dust. Last week I started glueing some of them together adding some armour pieces so I could use them as 'Ard Boyz. I was going to continue with them as Bad Moonz but I got creative and did them up as Goffs. I just wanted to see how the cheques would work out and I think they came out fine. I have four more glued together and I might get to painting them soon. I kind of scratched the itch and I am not too motivated to continue! Maybe showing off some more of my collection will make me more eager to paint them.

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