January 16, 2013

A banner to believe in

Here is the command group for my Ceorls. They don't have a funtion in the game but as these were intended for Warhammer Ancient Battles I had the models ready and it would be a shame not to use them. Also it would mean I had to paint three more models, no thanks. I painted the banner again based on a design from Littlebigman studios. I think I over compensated for the previous small banner and so this one is rather huge. I also did the nose a little poorly and blacklining it really makes it stand out here. I don't think (hope) it is as bad in real life. The banner can now be used as rules in the latest supplement The Raven's Shadow. I don't know exactly what it can do as I haven't picked up the supplement yet. I am at least prepared for when I do!

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  1. War Banners allows you to substitute a banner for one figure in a hearthguard or warrior unit which then allows the unit to rest any time during a turn (assuming this has been "paid" for with the appropriate dice).


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