January 21, 2013

A Glorious Leader

I forgot that I had still to show my Warlord off. Here he is the glorious leader of my Anglo-saxon raiding force. He is mounted on a larger base as the rules for SAGA demand. He provides two dice to the pool used at the start of each turn that determines what abilities and units can be activated. It may sound very random but generally everything you want to activate can though what abilities you can use may vary. The game is quite strategic while the tactics do come down a little bit to luck, you can influence them of course but to varying degrees. I like the game a lot. It is much more casual than Warmachine but it still offers a challenging balanced game. I have yet to play and be annoyed by anything that has happened.

I went with a fairly standard basing scheme of mine that if you are a regular follower you will be familiar with. I do this with almost all of my models now as it matches the terrain I have in my collection and it will match my flocked and painted board if ever I finish it off. I often want to do stuff like snow or desert bases but then the army looks weird, at least when I play with it at home. I did use the Army Painter Winter Tufts here and they came out fine. I am still not 100% convinced that they are that amazing. I can never seem to get them to come out as well as others have.


  1. A very appropriate Warlord. Very nice details on the helmet and scabbard. My buddy said he has trouble with the tufts - said the bottoms are too hard to place onto the terrain sometimes. Best, Dean

    1. My local shop is ordering this time from Mininatur, the original makers, so hopefully they are a little ligher quality.

  2. Well done. I like the look. That's something I have yet to model up is a Warlord for my SAGA stuff which I should be able to double up as a character for Clash of Empires also.


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