January 11, 2013

For Mercia!

It has defintely been a busy week of painting the Anglo-saxons. I am ahead of what I have showed here so far and I should be able to field a fully complete army tomorrow depending on how motivated to continue I am today. I have kept the yellow and red scheme on all the shields as I want to be able to identify the army easily from any others I may paint. Dark Aage armies are usually depicted with shields in various colours. That looks great but for a tabletop game I want all mine to look somewhat cohesive. Having the clothing in various colours and designs was good enough. The colours I choose are fine historically as they are the colours of Mercia, one of the Anglo-saxon kingdoms.


  1. "...are usually depicted with shields in various colours."

    And takes a great amount of time to paint as I'm finding out with my Vikings.

    1. As I have so many models I will be making a good few warbands. If ever I need to play a different bigger game I can always mix them up to satisfy history!

      Yyour Vikings are excellent and well worth the time invested.

  2. Great looking figures. Regarding the shields, if you haven't already done so, I'd recommend reading 'Mercian Wars: The Rise and Fall of the First Great English Kingdom' by Chris Peers. If I remember correctly he says that shields during that period would have been mainly yellow (i.e just thick plain leather) so I think your figures are probably more historically accurate than most others I've seen.


    1. Ah I didn't know that. I will keep it in mind in case anyone comments!


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