January 15, 2016

A Foray into Frostgrave

Somehow I managed to start yet another fantasy system. this time it is Frostgrave. Owen from Farfarawy.org modified a VASSAL module to allow us to try the system out remotely. As it is relatively simple we were able to get a game done without too much work being done. First off I like it. The game is characterful and interesting. The rules are straight forward if not always intuitive. What I don't like is the general lack of polish on the game. Some spells are insanely powerful for a relatively easy casting value. Leap is a prime example. As we play on a three foot board a ten inch move covers quite a lot of distance. It makes it very easy to tae treasure off of the board. Also the optional critical hit system is best neglected. We tried it in our game and it removes some of the tactical options as you always have a 5% chance to obliterate whatever you are fighting. All that said I am looking forward to the upcoming campaign and here is an extract from my Sigilists journal:

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  1. That’s great! How can we, the ignorant masses, play Frostgrave on Vassal? Any tips would be appreciated!


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