January 27, 2016

A Second Step into Frostgrave

I completed my second game of Frostgrave last week and the system is slowly growing on me. I can definitely say it is fun. We are playing a campaign, you can find my opponents views here. The demands on a terrain collection that the game makes are huge but thankfully we are playing via VASSAL and as such we can more easily create 2d maps. The Silent Tower was the last scenario. Here there is a central tower containing the special teasure that is flanked by two further smaller towers. These provide the only access to the central tower. The towers represent a null zone where no magic works. As we only play on a 3x3 board this made the layout and rules quite impactful. I got pretty luck and managed, despite taking out my own Wizard and having his apprentice soon join him, to win the game. A roll of a twenty on a shot without the critical hit rule being in effect took out the enemy wizard at a critical point levelling the playing field. Also pushing the Thief carrying the special treasure off of the tower and therefore splitting the attention of my opponent really helped. I liked the fact that despite being hammered in certain areas a decision like trying to push that Thief off the building were possible and it made for a really cinematic game.

I came out of the game having gained two levels bringing my Wizard to level four. My opponents Necromancer is sitting on level six which isn't unbalancing anything so far. He is definitely pushing his health stat higher which is a good policy and will eventually prevent things like the one shot kill that was so effective in the last game.

My spell list is currently:
  • (8) Absorb Knowledge
  • (8) Push
  • (11) Write Scroll
  • (8) Telekenises
  • (10) Fools Gold
  • (9) Heal
  • (22) Timewalk
  • (16) Brew Potion
You may be wondering at the choice of Timewalk. I took it simply so that I could put it on a scroll, if I ever manage to write one. Finishing the end of the game on the board is a difficult prerequisite to meet it would seem.

My warband currently consists of:
  • Unferth Wizard Deamon in a Bottle
  • Wealhtheow Apprentice Healing Potion
  • Hengist Tracker Belt of Animal Repellance
  • Wiglaf Ranger
  • Hrothmund Ranger
  • Sigemund Treasure Hunter Explosive Cocktail
  • Aeschere Treasure Hunter (Misses next game)
  • Sheafson Thief
  • Hrethel Thief
  • Breca Apothecary
I also have a few things stashed in my Library Base. I don't think the library is really an effective base of perations but it does fit with the sigilist theme and I suppose a 5% chance of generating a new grimoire and potentially a good spell is worth it. I do think I will end up purchasing a few grimoires over the course of the campaign. It is slightly too hard to get useful ones as they are generated randomly. I am quite happy I have recieved Enchant Weapon but it is useless until I can start embedding those enchantments something I might aim to buy soon.
  • Giant Cauldron
  • Enchant Weapon Grimoire
  • Mud Grimoire
  • Miraculous Cure Grimoire
  • 380gc

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