January 13, 2016

Celestial Vindicator Liberator Prime

Finally this model is complete and the regiment is too. I will take some group shots tomorrow and post it up on Friday or Monday. The fact that there is a little more gold on this model actually made him faster to paint. I am hoping that this will make the Paladins quicker to paint too. I haven't checked out their armour much but from memory it is more ornate. However I think I will paint the Prosecutors next. I am not looking forward to the wings however. I haven't decided on a colour for them but I think I will go with white shaded with grey. The models have enough blue on them that I don't think they need more and I want to keep the sky colour theme going so grey is definitely within that scheme.

I don't like the purple on this models plume but so far I haven't figured out what better colour to use. I felt that the purple would be a homage to the dawn but I haven't captured the colour I wanted. As I mentioned previously I hate purple and I will have to experiment more to get the shade I want I think. The base is hard to make out here as the camera insists on washing it out at the moment. As the Liberator Prime models are standing on rocks it makes them hard to merge into the basing scheme I am using. I think I managed it here but it is going to be hard with the Prosecutors and Lord Celestant on Dracoth. I am not sure how to approach those bases just yet.

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