April 8, 2011

Friday Showcase - Hammerers

Rather than just showing you characters I thought a nice regiment would be good! Here are the centre of every Dwarven line: the Hammerers. These guys are a relatively recent addition to my army. I couldn't really afford them when I started collecting the Dwarves but I managed to pick them up second hand eventually. If you look closely enough you will see that I only have seventeen models but I stretched them out to twenty with some creative basing. I will have to go back now and add a few more models to the regiment as eighth edition requires it. Getting them up to between twenty five and thirty would be the maximum though as they still are expensive. I guess they will eventually be replaced by plastics but I like the metal models. They were released I think around 1994 but they are quite nice considering some of the other miniatures that came out around then. The pose is a little 'samey' but what can you really do with great weapon armed dwarves? Having them all standing around just holding onto their weapons wouldn't have been very nice either.


  1. Nice!

    Any chance of a close up of a single model too? I have a whole dwarf army i need to look into start fixing (my brothers ex-army, EX being the word >.<) after building terrain and painting my Chaos...sheesh got lots to do :S

    Anyway, one day i will work on dwarves! So a close up would be lovely, since i have a few of those models, and your regiment looks great!


  2. Very nice mate nice clean look and the basings good.

    Hammerers have also been my favourite unit after the Organ Gun of course.

    Rumour is they are going to full plastic, but the old Metal models will always be best.


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