April 22, 2011

Friday Showcase - Organ Gun

So I missed last week due to being ill. Sorry for that! Anyway here is one of my warmachines, an oft neglected part of my army. As I was pulling this out for a photograph I noticed I am missing crew for nearly every machine in the army. I seem to cobble crews together from various sources as needed! These guys come from an old metal organ gun, an old metal cannon and the Battle for Skull Pass. I really need to sit down sometime and get the crews for the ten or more warmachines I have completed.

The only thing of note with this warmachine is the fact that the organ gun piece can be removed and replaced by the cannon piece from the same kit. I clipped the top of the holders off and now I can, with a little difficulty, change the warmachine around. I guess there is a much more slick way to do this via a magnet but I wasn't bothered researching at the time of construction.

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