April 1, 2011

Friday Showcase - Runesmith

Here again is another picture from the Grudge of Drong. This Runesmith came out at a similar time to Helga and has been in my army for ust as long. He is pretty much a staple of the army as he appears in it everytime it takes to the field. The base shows just how much he has been used! These guys have always been useful in a Dwarf army. The bonus dispel dice are great. They are also able to admirable serve in the front rank of a regiment without them easily being killed. I always rune up this guy to make him really survivable. He can then absorb a lot of enemy attacks and to kill him a lot of resources have to be dedicated his way. This has taken a lot of pressure off my regiment giving me time to bring in some reinforcements.

Photobucket Again this model was painted a long long time ago and then given an update in around 2008. He would have been in the blue and white colour scheme of my older army which I changed ust with red on the cloak. As you can see I also attempted some simple freehand. It worked out suprisingly fine and with some highlights it would look pretty decent! Again he preserves the silver armour but thats fine. I don't think gold would have suited him too much anyway. I also experimented a little with the gems for this guy. I hate gems. I hate painting them. I hate the fat that Dwarves are bedecked in them. At least this guy's came out fine. Normally when I paint them they come out terrible.


  1. Nice paint job, the red cloak + highlights look great. I have one knocking around too - my paint job is a lot worse though.
    I never noticed how overly large his right forearm is until I saw your second pic there. It's bigger than his head!

  2. He looks great and I agree with Craig the red cloak is very good.

    Still think the old Dwarf models are so much better than the current plastic ones


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