April 4, 2011

I Reckon you are in Trouble

I got the finishing touches done on this guy last night. I had a nice busy weekend with Owen of the Far Far Away blog. He was visiting Hamburg and amidst the tours and drinks we squeezed in a mini campaign of Memoir '44. I inadvertently previewed the Reckoner here last week when I stuck a photgraph of him amongst my Castigator shots. Nobody seemed to notice! Getting this guy done completes my new chassis menite 'jacks. I am guessing that the release of Wrath will see another of these machines and an eventual plastic kit for the three options. I am not too concerned as I managed to get the Castigator and Reckoner together for €30. Not amazingly cheap but still a decent discount. The Templar is the only non-character heavy warjack still for me to do. Despite the fact that I think he is an awesome warack he will have to wait for me to get my original Prime stuff done.

PhotobucketHere is a side shot of the Reckoner. That club is massive and as far as I remember it doesn't have reach... thats a pity as 'jacks with reach are awesome. I was able to get the weathering a little better again on this guy with the white chipping quite well. Sometimes I have found that instead of flaking it tends to come off as a damp 'lump'. I am not really sure how to describe it effectively! I am hoping this is due to the overly expensive hairspray I have access to. I will have to stop stealing my girlfriends and invest in some generic cheap stuff. Now with the chips working out I feel that I don't need to weather as heavily. The smaller chips give a good effect already and don't need much modification.

Photobucket Here is a better shot of the club. This was really easily painted and yet has a nice effect. I used GW boltgun metal as a base. Two washes of GW badab black then darkened this a lot. Over this I applied two different rust pigments. These were taken straight from the bottle and liberally dabbed on. It was easily done but looks nice and realistic. I am tempted to turn this technique into few regiments of Chaos Warriors. As it is so easy to do it would mean a really quick army getting done! I need to resist these thoughts however... really I do!

So my break from Prime is over. I have still to paint:
  • Ten Templeguard
  • Ten Deliverers
  • Revenger
  • Paladin of the Wall

Added to this I have Severius and Kreoss. While I have both of these guys done already they are sitting in a cupboard a few hundred miles away. So if I get everything from the above list done in time then I will happily get both of the 'casters done. So the Prime Challenge continues. Its going to be a lot of pressure to be honest as my weekends are slowly starting to fill up with outdoor activities. Next weekend will see me getting bashed and bruised while paintballing. Still this week should see some headway made...

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