April 19, 2011

Night Goblin Temptation

I am really getting tempted by the recent Orc and Goblins book from GW. I haven't read the book at all but listening to the recent slew of reviews of the book has really got me interested. I have a mountain of models, from I think four sets of Battle for Skull Pass so I won't be going short on Night Goblins anytime soon. I also have about twenty squigs, if not more, so one of my elite slots is well used up there. I also have quite a few Trolls that could be salvaged from the terrible paint jobs of yore. It would be a nice project for over the summer, 200 or so models would keep me busy. Maybe if I could get my menites to a point where I am happy to leave them down for a while I could consider this.

I am worried if an all, and I mean all, night goblin army is viable? I started the hobby seriously with a decently preforming army of night goblins in fourth edition. While I played a few games previous to that I had never owned an army before. It would be great to attemtp to recreate the army of those days. Maybe I just need to weather the storm of my nostalgia!


  1. Does it have to be viable? Just do something fun and crazy!

  2. Well that is an interesting question! I don't want to lose every game... As long as I had a feeling that I could win if evreything worked out then I would be happy. It is hard to play with an army that just can't win in any permutation!

  3. All Goblin armies are more than viable just came back from a local tournament where of 6 O&G armies only 1 had Orcs in it. The rest of them were all Goblin with Squig hoppers, squig herds and trolls.

    They worked really well and were extremely competitive as the new book really makes goblins strong. Steadfast in particular gives them a huge boost.

  4. I too think all Goblins is a perfectly viable route to take competitively. In fact to be honest with the exception of Black Orcs and Savage Orcs it is the Night Goblin units in the book that stand out as being better buys.

    Just be sure to have plenty of Chariots, Squigs, Trolls, and/or Pump Wagons to make up for the Goblins' lack of strength in CC.


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