April 28, 2011

Prime: complete!

So now I have all the models from Prime done. Its only been six years in the doing. These Paladins I have to admit were done without much inspiration. I really couldn't be bothered to paint them but I wanted to make sure to hit the deadline of the end of April for the Prime Challenge. Painting white does finally get horribly boring. I had decided to not go with too much gold on these guys, a big mistake. I should have really done more. Gold is easy enough to do and is far more visually interesting than the way I do white. So I will try to get a group photgraph done of the army soon and get it put up here.

As for the Paladins these are interesting models. The first sculpt, the one on the left,is by far the nicest. The armour is much more nicely done even though it is similar to the other guy. This is especially apparent in the legs. The shield is great on both of them but it has a bad connection point and I am hoping that these will stay glued on. The interesting thing about the original sculpt is that the cloak is separate. I had to paint part of it while it was separate. However I did the highlights wrongly due to this and my vain attempts to fix it wasn't enough. I wasn't too inspired either so I didn't try to hard... at least they are done now.


  1. I think they look great! Lots of white suits them. So, with the Prime Challenge completed, what's next for you?

  2. These look good. I look forward to facing them in the 'flesh' at some stage.


  3. Hmmm stay tuned for whats next... I am not sure if I will go and complete Escalation or try something else. Even Warhammer has been calling me a little though I think I will wait a while with that project still!

    Hmmm transporting my menites back to Ireland shall be fun. I didn't have that many when I brought them here at Christmas!

  4. They look great mate painting white is pretty damn hard and you've made them look really clean.

    Any chance of a picture of the entire prime collection all done.

  5. I will have to get it up next week, I haven't had much time this week. Thankfully a busy social week rather than a busy work week.


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