April 26, 2011

Less than a week until Prime is finished!

I have the Deliverers done. These are the last unit from Prime that I have to paint and I can really say that it is nice to have them done finally. I sadly could only get my hands on six of them. The supply shortage from Privateer Press still continues it seems. These are nice to paint up. Thankfully they are not bedecked in detail. The sculpt is simple and nice to paint. I tried to match them in with my zealots. I hate the white coats on these guys. It not only sucks to paint but looks stupid. Brown is so simple to paint too so it speeds up the whole process.

So now I just need to finish my Paladin of the Wall. I managed to pick up the standard and the alternative sculpt and with some luck I will get both of them painted this week I managed some of the basecoating already so it should be possible. I wasn't able to get my Revenger and Kreoss sent over from Ireland so they will be missing from the photograph of the army. Thats annoying! I can still show a photo of them but I would prefer to have them all together. I am not sure what I will paint after the Prime models are finished... may be I should get all my Escalation models done...

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