November 15, 2011

Can't see the Wood for the Wolds

Pokemon is a terrible game. I have been playing it instead of painting... damn but I have to catch them all! So yesterday I made no progress on my Wolfriders. I had intended to start with them but I was so close to catching Pikachu I couldn't put the DS down. So here is the Wold Guardian I finished on Sunday. He came out nicely in the end. I finally had my old Wolds here in Germany so I could copy the scheme from them. With some hours to kill and some Lost Hemisphere in the background I was able to get him done in one session. I was also doing a Wold Warden at the same time but I will put some pictures of him up tomorrow. Today I will be working on the Wolfriders and I will be adding some details to a beastman chariot too. I am eager to get the base coat on at least but with five large models I am guessing thats going to take a little longer than I would like. Hopefully I won't get tempted by the DS too much!


  1. Really like the green, and the wood's great as usual, but I feel the stone-bits are a bit.. flat? Either way, nice model (I have experience with GW's products mainly, so seeing some different models off different companies is a nice change - although I would've loved to see your WoC-army finished!)

  2. Pokemon....NNooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    That is one strange looking miniature, nice paintwork. Its about as strange as the castle tower on top of my Knight's head.

  3. noeste has a point. The cracked or engraved areas of stone look fine, but the smooth surfaces like the sides of the collar look like they need more texture. I'd almost recommend drybrushing...


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