November 30, 2011

Domination Rocks

So I have been playing around with some rocky terrain before as you will have seen here. Now that the Domination release scenario is out I thought I would get busy and make some of the boulders for it. The scenario demands three boulders based on large 50mm bases. So I got busy and cut some old cards up. I didn't like the idea of actually using Hordes bases for them so I used one as a template. I drew onto some old bank cards and then cut around them. Its not 100% perfect but it is fine.

Onto this I put some cut down pieces of cork. These are the exact same as the ones I used in my previous rock terrain but much much smaller. They overhang a little but not so much as to effect gameplay. I used some cheap modelling clay to blend the base into the bottom of the cork. The bottom of the cork is usually really rough so after I had glued the pieces down there were large gaps. I just filled these as best I could with the modelling clay and then left them to dry. This has the added benefit of giving some weight to the pieces, stopping them from being too idly knocked over on the table. It also helps to stop the base warping when painting and flocking.

Once everything was dry I simply sprayed them grey with my airbrush. It really is the only way to paint terrain otherwise it takes an age even with a large brush. I got some new propellant from Faller and it is far more awesome than the GW stuff plus it comes in much larger qunatities for a much cheaper price. Then to finish the pieces I just drybrushed them with progressively lighter shades of grey until the final dybrush with white. Basing was simple too and I tried to keep it close to my standard colours. Someday when I make a table I will use this on it too and tie everything together.

So now I have a nice large out crop thats nearly 5" in diameter and three smaller ones of 50mm. All of these would count as obstructions. A few more would make for a really nice board that offers some tough tactical play. I would like to do some hills next with rock faces to match. I would make them fairly massive though and then storage starts to become an issue. I also have a few other projects that need finishing first, such as my Circle Orboros reinforcements. If you want to check out the Domination scenario you can find it here. I also created it for Vassal and you can find that here. In case you are interested in further pictures of how I made these pieces you can check out their big brother and how I made him here.


  1. Heh, I thought you were going to talk about how much you liked Domination.

    The rocks look sweet! I just ended up going outside to the garden and finding rocks that fit on bases and glued them down. I like yours better ;-)

  2. Yep the cork is a nice effective way to make rocks. It is a little hard to break up into small chunks though. I will be making some hills soon incorporating the cork so stay tuned!


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