November 18, 2011

Friday Showcase - Baldur the Stonecleaver

With all the Wolds on the blog this week I thought I would put up Baldur the Stonecleaver as the Friday Showcase. He is most definitely my favourite 'lock and he is a great miniature too. While he is very static he is nicely detailed, not too detailed though. He has a nice balance of everything. I painted him in my usual Circle colours though the jacket was highlighted differently than I normally would do it. It is Scorched Brown highlighted with Snakebite Leather. That makes a really nice colour and is one I have used a lot since. Once again, like last weeks Tharn, I did a really strange skintone. Its most noticable on the hands as the face is barely visible. This tone has really made for problems as I really don't want to copy it and I am going really different, well normal skintones for humans, on my Tharn Wolfriders.

I also really liked the colours on the robe under the jacket. That was some of GW's foundation paints. I think Khemri Brown highlighted with Denheb Stone. I used the same colour on panel on the hood. I am looking forward to the new Baldur the Soulstone model. Having heard the Lost Hemisphere preview from Domination he really sounds great! I wish that my copy of Domination would be here a little bit quicker. Sadly there are no new Wolds coming out, at least that I am aware of. Though the new Griffon is excellent, I can't wait to see the model.

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