November 21, 2011

Wolf Riders WIP

These models take ages to paint. Here is what I have managed since last week. The wolves are done but the riders are not. It took me an hour on each wolf to do the skin tones. Each one has a different colour so this didn't help. They came out nicely though and whilethe tones are all different there are only two that are strongly varied. The grey wolf was an experiment and he came out okay. I shaded him with brown rather than darker grey. While it isn't perfect I can see now how it can work. So if I come to paint grey like this again I will know how I should do it.

I am not going to have much time this week but I am still hoping I can get these done. I have to get my Chariot done for the Tale of Three Gamers. It is just getting undercoated now. I finally finished the sculpting last night. I hope I can manage to get both done!

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