November 13, 2011

Whats next?

I managed to get some decent painting done this weekend, unexpectedly! I picked up a Woldwarden and Woldgaurdian a few weks ago. I decided to sit and get both done. They are very similar so it saved time. I will pop some pictures up tomorrow.

I want to get some of my backlog finished. I guess all of us have some of those units or models that just sit there unpainted. I have Tharn Wolf Riders and Farrow Bone Grinders sitting awaiting paint. I really don't want to paint either as I know both will take ages. Thats one of the biggest problems I have with painting, committing to a time consuming project. The second I commit to it I lose interest and find everything else wonderful. The Tharn will take all my hobby time up while the Farrow are the quickest to get done. I also have loads of other stuff I want to keep doing such as terrain. I have a nice trench piece built and I would like to actually make a cast of it so I don't have to make loads of them. Its either Farrow and some terrain pieces or the Tharn Wolfriders. So what would you do?


  1. I know exactly how you feel about starting a new time consuming unit. You know how satisfying it is when you complete them though. The tharn wolf riders was one of those units that gave me such a great feeling when I finished them.
    Just go for it!


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