November 2, 2011

I hate painting wood

Okay so I hate Mannikins, I really hate them. I am painting the Sentry Stone at the moment. The Sentry Stone itself is really nice to paint. Its got nice flate well defined surfaces. It is pretty easy to spot the details and where the highlights should go. However the Mannikins are a different story altogether. They are nice models despite the fact that they are not really that different from each other. I really don't like the wood grain, well I like the grain I jut don't like having to paint it. It takes ages and often doesn't look that good. I can manage the odd decent weapon haft but usually I don't put that much effort into them. On the Wolds there really isn't enough smooth surfaces to the wood so that avois the problem. However I really can't manage to get the Mannikins to look right. Tomorrow I am popping up the progress on the Beastmen so I expect it will be Monday before I have the Mannikins on here. I hope I can get them looking good!


  1. I find that a healthy use of drybrushing and washes makes painting mannikins much more tolerable and the results more satisfying.

  2. The washes are awesome for them alright, the problem is building back the basecoat and highlights.


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