January 2, 2013

Attend me Priest!

I saw this guy a number of times in the local game store and I eventually gave in. At that point I wasn't really sure what he did and if I had I probably could have resisted much longer. He joins a mercenary unit and they then count as friendly faction models. In some cases that is excellent but I can't see a unit whith whom they are really that useful. I have Croe's Cutthroats but at ten points they are expensive and adding two more points to them won't really help! I also have Sam McHorne and the Devil Dogs but I really don't se them benefitting either. It is nice to have the model painted but I guess he will occupy the shelf for a long time to come.

I did a quick paintjob on this guy. I wanted to experiment with some yellow and pink highlights. They came out much better than I imagined and I will use these colours a little more in the future. I always highlight red from a very dark base colour. It prevents the colour from becoming too orange or pink. Hence I never really tried out a red where I intentionally wanted one of these to come through. I think the rich pink I managed to get fits quite well and so I will have to experiment with it elsewhere in the army. The yellow came out fine but it doesn't really fit the models that well. I guess not everything can come out as I want it. I think I will stick with a less vibrant yellow like on my Circle army.


  1. Croe's and the High Reclaimer's feat. You need some of the unit, and the priest, to have been killed, but some grunts to survive.

    Feat, bring back the priest within formation of the survivors but quite far upfield. The priest is the new unit leader and members of the unit are once again faction models. That lets you bring back other members of the unit in CMD range of the priest. That's potentially a long way up field.

    Use this to get cutthroats in the rear arc of a living warcaster/warlock before they activate. When they do activate, cue backstrike, backstab and poison bonuses on their attacks, which is a very viable assassination tactic (charging at MAT8 with damage 8+5d6; shooting at RAT7 (9 if aiming) with damage 10 + 4d6). Probably only at 50 points though.

    Something I've seen with the Devil Dogs using Ashlynn could probably be replicated with a priest and Vindictus (True Path needs friendly faction). Using Ashlynn, quicken on the DD. Run them into advancing enemy at high speed. The enemy has to either attack the DD or move away. But moving away triggers a free strike, which can use the net for an auto-knock down. Usually with Vindictus I use Daughters to tie up the enemy at speed, but against a beast/jack-heavy list, the free strikes aren't powerful enough to pose much of a threat, auto-knockdown is better in that regard, even if the DD aren't quite as fast as the Daughters.

    Otherwise, priest, Devil Dogs and pKreoss is a unit that can be given Defender's Ward (DEF15 is pretty good) and then take advantage of the feat with their bonus damage vs knocked-down enemy.

    Best in Reznik's NQ tier list though - free and no FA restrictions when leading steelheads.

  2. Oh those are some excellent suggestions. I will have to consider using these.


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