January 22, 2013

To go a Viking

Here are what my viking raiders look like before painting. All the miniatures are from gripping beast I think. Some of the unhelmeted ones look a little larger than the rest and maybe they come from elsewhere. They can as an addition to the anglo-saxons I had ordered a long time ago. I believe it was a mercenary regiment that was attached to the army deal I got. I had started painting them as you see but as is usual I never finished them.

I have painted these guys up over the last few days. They went a little faster than I imagined they would. I still have basing to do on them all but I should have some shots up of them tomorrow. The models shown are a full 6pt standard army for SAGA. This is the smallest possible force as it is made up completely of elite Huscarls. I don't have many viking models and it is fitting that the Jömsvikings are all elite. I don't know how this will work on the battlefield but I hope well. The game as far as I can see is wonderfully balanced and while I have a really specialised force I will be easily outnumbered. My anglo-saxons come in at forty nine models. It will be interesting to see how a battle between the two plays out.

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