January 18, 2013


These are the sadly small but elite core of my Anglo-saxons. I would like to have more of them but I really wanted to use up the Gebur models that I had. Maybe at a later date I can get another four of these done and swap out the Geburs.I practised a little with the freehand on the shields and it came out acceptably well. I am not very good at freehand and it takes me an age to get it to look well. I do want to ave impressive shields on the Jömsvikings and the Thegns presented an excellent chance to test out what I can and can't do.

My beer is doing quite well and over the coming weekend I will be transferring it to a second fermenter, that is going to be fun!


  1. Looking good, like the detail on the shield designs. For essentially using only one color scheme, you are achieving a good variety.

    1. Thankfully these are the last shields for this army.... Having looked at your recent ones I am tempted to dirty mine up much more.


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