January 10, 2013

Geburs for a change

Here are my first finished Geburs. These are missile armed skirmishers for the Aanglo-saxons. They come in batches of twelve for a point. They do get a big bonus in this army if they are armed with a spear and shield but then I would have no way to differentiate them from my Ceorls. Missile troops aren't so bad and it gives me the chance to get these finished. I can always put them in one of the other armies later if I figure out how to get some spear and shield armed Geburs. These were some of the first models I had painted for the army many years ago when these were destined to be used for Warhammer Ancient Battles. It was nice to finally put some varnish on them and call them done.


  1. Gerburs err mah fervrit mernitures!

    They look really nice. Great plaid work!

    1. Thanks! I was just trying to break up the monotony of the clothes.


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