January 7, 2013

Black Varnish

It may sound bizarre but I am looking for black varnish and I can't find any. I want it so that I can edge my bases in black and varnish them in one go. Black paint isn't strong enough on its own and varnishing the bases afterwards is a pain as it has to be done for each model. I don't trust a simple spray on varnish especially if I have used something like a hairspray technique. So has anyone out there found a product like this?


  1. Well you should check some DIY stores for it. Or car stores, since all of those are "Lacke".
    So have a look for "Lack - Schwarz" or whatever color you want.

    Or get creative and use this stuff

    It is the one they use for schoolboards, so you can write on it with chalk ;)


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