January 14, 2013

The rabble is roused

I finally got the Geburs done thankfully. I hate painting the chaff of an army. It isn't worth any points and there are invariably loads of them to do. Between these six models and the previous six this is a unit of Geburs worth a single point. Four Thengs are worth the same and don't take that long to paint. Two of the models are missing their slings. I have no idea where they went or where the spares went either. I have some replacements currently curing and once they are done I will attach them to the models.

This army is finished thankfully. I will put up more pictures during the week while I get started on the next SAGA project - the Jömsvikings. I will have the nice accompanyment of my homebrew fermenting and bubblng away in the background as I paint these guys.


  1. That's cool. I know two of the minis well, having just finished them up.

    How about a bunch of big photos of the whole force.

    Like the striped pants.

    1. I dropped a bottle of pigment on the army when I was trying to take a group shot and it destroyed quite a few of the rather weak spears. Aat that point I gave up trying to get a group shot!


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