January 25, 2013

The Pagans are Coming!

These are the last of my standard Jomsviking Huscarls. I added to these the warbanner that I had painted up previously. I think the scale works a little better than the Anglo-saxon banner I did.It is absolutely huge in comparison to this one. Painting the shields for this army has shown me a few things. Firstly as I expected: I hate doing freehand. However if I don't go for really thin lines it is somewhat easier. It probably doesn't look as good but it works for me. I can paint thin lines but I can't do it in such a way that it is perfectly consistent. I end up having to do a lot of touch ups and that takes an age. Thankfully I managed to struggle through and do various geometric and curved knots on the shields for this army and it looks good. I don't know what I will do for the forthcoming Anglo-danes. There will be many more models in that army and I really don't want to have to spend an age doing them!


  1. Knots and banner are very cool. I've yet to paint any of my banners. I need to try my hand at some knot work. If it was me on the Anglo-Danes, I would do a variety of colors on the shields that way you can do similar or the same designs just in different colors.

    1. And I need to do a more blonde hair after seeing yours, I'm kind of missing that.


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