July 19, 2012

Demolition Corps reporting for duty

I have had these guys sitting for far too long on my desk. My lack of motivation for painting is most likely these guys fault! It takes a lot of time and effort to get everything done, especially the armour. I ended up just doing a minimum unit as I couldn't bear the thought of doing more. I think they came out fine. I haven't as yet done the weathering on them but I want to experiment a little more before I start doing this. So far experiments on some spare plasticard look promising.

I am annoyed about the fact that I have ten more Man O War's to do. I don't like the poor quality of the plastic in the kits. I haven't opened the other two boxes yet and I am hoping that they are not as bad as the Demolition Corps. Cleaning up those models was a nightmare. I won't be moving onto them for a while though as I want to do some Winterguard next.


  1. I agree about cleaning the models. That material is maddening to remove mold lines. The "official" instructions on removal describe simple cutting and filing. Wow, I wish it had been as easy as they described. It was more like trying to file a cooked steak or something for me.

    And mow demo corps.... scary. Backswing has ruined my day so many times.

  2. Lovely paint job on those figures, especially the glowing white/blue light.



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